Park Rules

Larkins Park - caravan park rules

Larkins Park countryside caravan park is an adults only park, and we have worked hard to create, and maintain, a peacful rural atmosphere for all our guests.

A key part of this work are the park rules, we ask all our guests to familiarise themselves with our ParkRules, and to abide by them. None of them are onerous, and they have been created to ensure all our guests have a pleasant and relaxing time during their stay.

Larkins Park park rules

  1. Larkins Park is for holiday use only. No commercial vehicles are allowed on the park and any caravan on the park is to be used for leisure purposes only.
  2. No single sex groups.
  3. If you are asked by the site owner / manager / staff to leave the park (for whatever reason) you will do so in the time limit set.
  4. Larkins Park has a speed limit of 5mph for all vehicles.
  5. Strictly no smoking in the facilities buildings, office or any other shared building or facility on the site.
  6. Well behaved dogs are allowed. Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times whilst in the park, dog owners are responsible for clearing up after their dogs. No dogs are allowed in the facilities building, office or any other shared building or facility on the site. Dogs must not be exercised within the site, and must not be left unattended in cars or caravans.
  7. Litter is to be disposed of in the bins provided. No campaing equipment or large items are to be placed in the park bins.
  8. BBQ's are allowed only on gravel surfaced areas, not on grassed areas. Campfires or any othe open fire are not permitted.
  9. Guests will behave in a polite and respectful manner towards other guests and park staff at all times.
  10. Noise to be kept to a minimum after 9.30pm.
  11. The hanging of clothes on lines outside caravans, or on fences, is not permitted
  12. Gazebos and wind-breaks are not permitted on the park .
  13. All pitches must to be left free of rubbish prior to departure.
  14. The use of duckboards or pallets for flooring is not permitted.
  15. The use of generators on the site is not permitted.
  16. All persons using the park and it's facilities do so at their own rick. No responsibility is accepted by the owners for personal injury or inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, including vehicles.

We reserve the right to amend / change these rules without notice. Our aim is to provide our guests with a pleasant, relaxing and peacful haven for their holiday.